Need extra cash?

I haven’t exactly been searching the internet for get rich quick schemes, but I HAVE been looking for ways to earn some extra income. My new favorite is an app on your phone! It’s easy as taking two pictures and being done. Interested to know more? Of course you are. Download Job Spotter on your phone. It’s through the Indeed job site. I’ve even scored some jobs there in the past! Anyway, download the app and when you’re all set up you can go find “help wanted” signs on the doors and windows of businesses. The smaller the business, the better the reward. When I started, I made the mistake of going to a shopping center with big stores and didn’t earn too much. BUT it’s better than nothing. It won’t make you rich, but if you’re an individual who is out and about often, this would be easy. And even though they pay in gift cards, you CAN trade gift cards for cash, if you need the money that way. You can thank me later. 


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