My sister’s baby shower

My younger sister is going to give birth to her second baby sometime next month. I threw her first baby shower three and a half years ago. Since then, I threw my friend Rachel’s, my friend Heather’s, and I even threw my own last year! My sister wanted a co-ed BBQ like I did last year. I prefer it that way, some guests don’t know anyone other than the woman we are showering. This way, everyone is guaranteed to know at least one more person. We played a TON of games ranging from writing answers on paper to blindfolded diaper changing to (my personal favorite) chocolate poopy diapers — you melt different chocolates on diapers and people have to guess what kind of chocolates they are. The seasoned mom’s are sticking their fingers in and taste testing!! It’s disgusting and awesome to see the reactions. I made lots of cupcakes, my mother in law made her an amazing diaper cake as a great focal point for the gift table. I took three pictures in total. So I’m waiting for her to upload hers. My almost four year old keeps telling me how much fun she had at the “baby birthday”. Party success. 


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