If you have any sort of mental illness, raise your hand and say HAAAAY!!! Raise two hands if you’re diagnosed with more than one 🙆🏽 That is supposed to be me with two hands up…….. anyway. I’m diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I’m sure I was even before I wa diagnosed. But it was after my first born that I found out. Some days are easier than others. Some days I’m up and ready to go. Ready to put all my energy into my kids and make awesome meals and everyone gets a bath and the laundry and dishes are all done and I had brushed my hair that that! And other days I dread passing a mirror, I don’t want to move off the couch, the dishes look over my head and my kids both seem extra whiny. Funny how having kids makes you get up and move your ass anyway. Even if it feels like only 10% is being done. I prefer the days when my hubby and I both rush around cleaning the house and I feel like our home is somewhat presentable while still letting my two littles have a good time. I try to not let them suffer while I am. They are happy kids, good kids. 

Im straying. Back to stigmas on mental illness. When I read friends or stories about people going through any sort of mental illness, I hurt if they hurt. So when I try to build them up, to let them know it’s ok and other people are there too, that it doesn’t always get better but you’re ready for the next bad day. It is still hard sometimes to open up and be honest about my problems. I’m not trying to blow off plans with anyone because I don’t want to see them. It’s because I just can’t. And even if I were to explain, some people still won’t get it. Some people can feel depressed, and some are clinically depressed. 


My nail biting habit

Between the stress of being a mom, my anxiety and depression that rears it’s ugly head more than I care to admit. While being pregnant I have great nails. When I get to do upkeep at a salon I have great nails. But for the months after I have a baby, I never have great nails. I don’t even have decent nails! I have yucky garbage nails because I can’t stop messing with them. I don’t have as much time do to them myself at home because my 8 month baby is standing assisted on EVERYTHING! I wish I had the skill to do acrylics at home. The mixture of the two is so potent though. I usually just stick to at home gel manis, but not when they are this short. Do you do your nails at home? What is your preferred preference?
💛 Mama Bee