Crib training is draining 

Who out there jumped on the crib training band wagon WAY TOO LATE like I did? My daughter co slept until her second birthday. Parenting is easier with just one baby. But with a three year old AND a baby, I needed sleep. I tried to hop on the “let him cry it out for a bit but ultimately let him fall asleep happy”.  The last two nights he has been in his crib all night, rather than being pulled into bed with me in the wee hours of the morning. Night before last, I think he woke up four times but took a binky and fell back asleep. Last night he was only up once, but today I feel exhausted as I was when I was worried about co sleeping all night. I napped during baby’s second nap today. Please tell me I’m not the only one!! Did you co sleep or crib train (or both!)?


My nail biting habit

Between the stress of being a mom, my anxiety and depression that rears it’s ugly head more than I care to admit. While being pregnant I have great nails. When I get to do upkeep at a salon I have great nails. But for the months after I have a baby, I never have great nails. I don’t even have decent nails! I have yucky garbage nails because I can’t stop messing with them. I don’t have as much time do to them myself at home because my 8 month baby is standing assisted on EVERYTHING! I wish I had the skill to do acrylics at home. The mixture of the two is so potent though. I usually just stick to at home gel manis, but not when they are this short. Do you do your nails at home? What is your preferred preference?
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